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Boarding & Grooming

We are happy to offer top notch boarding and grooming services for your pet!

Boarding & Grooming Overview

Our resolve is to provide a safe and comfortable experience for your pet. To minimize disease potential, our kennels have stainless steel walls, quartz epoxy floors, natural light, and excellent ventilation. Cats that stay with us have a dedicated room with a window for natural lighting, stainless steel cages, and a separate ventilation system to minimize disease transmission and ensure comfort.

Care of our boarders is provided by trained veterinary assistants, the same ones that perform hospital duties, ensuring that your boarded pet is observed and cared for by educated and dedicated individuals. Daily walks for each dog and focused time with each cat allows us to observe and record habits and to adjust our care to each pet’s needs.

Although we are not primarily a grooming salon, we do offer bathing services by appointment Monday through Friday. Clients using our bathing or grooming services should expect to drop their pet off at the office somewhere between 8 and 9 am the morning of the service. Pets are generally ready to be picked up by 4 pm that afternoon.

Baths include: Bath using premium shampoo, Ear cleaning, Nail trimming, Anal Gland Expression, Blow drying, Brushing out.

Certain grooming services can be performed in-hospital out of necessity, if a patient requires sedated grooming due to anxiety or behavior issues, or by specific client requests. Otherwise, we will be happy to provide a list of area groomers for breed specific cuts or routine grooming needs.

Call our office for the most current bathing and grooming prices. Bathing prices vary by the weight of your pet; grooming charges are time based.